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The Pextons
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Here's a little peek into whats going on in our lives now...

Ok so you already know who we are, but here's whats going on...I had another website built for this purpose, but geocities doesnt hold nearly as much information as tripod does...but of course its got its limits as well, so I am currently working on more than one site and Im going to link them together.  Smart huh?!  If there are any errors on these pages, its my fault, not Dan's since this is kinda my thing.  Ill try to do a better job at updating now that Im getting the hang of it!

OMG there are so many of you that has checked this site out already! Thanks soooo much!  We really miss all of you that we dont get to see that often, those of you from Kansas should come home sometimes, we're in Esbon like EVERY weekend it seems. lol Oh and if you want me to put a shout out or dedication thingy on ya, send me a pic and I will! prolly not on this website since I cant add anymore pix, but Im workin on the next one! I can add a new word to the long list of Zachy words.."dego" its Diego, ya know Dora the Explorer's cousin...its so cute to hear him say it, Im sure his Tio Diego would love to hear it!! *Hint Hint*

Wow, Ive been doing some web-surfing and I went to and found out that there will be a book published titled Eternal Portraits Series.
There are at least 22 poems of my family in that book, including 5 of my own and yes, Zachary Ryan is one of them.  So if youre interested, just check out the website and order the book, if not, just search for the name of a person and enjoy reading them!

As some of you might have noticed (I dont know how many are checking back) I have been updating! The pictures are bigger in both sites and there is another picture page on Zachs site.  I am currently working on yet another one, I know I have no life! lol but I enjoy it so...Halloween photots should be developed this week (hopefully) and I might just start a new site on that, holidays or something, let me know what you think if you have an opinion.

27 November 2005...there was a tornado that hit Ft. Riley right after we got back from our vacation.  I dont have pictures of the actual tornado (yet, Im workin on it though) but I do have some of the destruction it did to our (yes mine and dans) housing one was seriously injured that we know of and all of the neighborhood was out checking on everyone and helping to clean up the mess.  You can view the pictures I have so far by clicking here

hey there, me updating again lol Ive added a page dedicated to my niece Shianna Maria, and her brother, my nephew, Gage Michael check it out at our favorite links!

We had our family cookie bake at Vicky's house on December 10th this year, Debbie's birthday.  Three of my sisters were there, my nieces Cynthia, Chelsea, Jana and Shianna, my nephews Conor and Cedrick, my mother and Dan, Zach, and Seth (Chelsea's boyfriend) were all there.  We made tonz of cookies and the kids got to help.  Isnt Christmas you favorite time of year?!

Well right now its just me and Zach.  Daniel went back to new york to see his brother John graduate boot camp from the Marines.  Him and his parents are driving from new york to south carolina nice long drive isnt it...My best friend Sheree stayed over last weekend and we went shopping and had such a great time, we're doing it again this weekend!  Ive just finished another site...Cynthia and Cedric Vaughan, (my GREAT-niece and nephew, makes ya feel old when you have to put great in front of them lol)Im still having trouble with picking out some music for it, but Ill get there...I also dont have a lot of updated pictures, so many of them are when they were little, if you have any please e-mail them to me! lol  Also song suggestions would be greatly check it out and dont forget to sign the guestbook!  are you tired of signing them all yet? lol


April 27, 2006
We have a new addition to the family! Wile E. Pexton is 9 weeks old and was adopted by us on monday the 24th.  He was found abandoned by the shelter and at first they wouldnt let anyone adopt him because they thought he might be either part coyote or part wolf and that type of breed is not allowed on post or in Junction City.  Luckily we checked back after the weekend and found out we could take him home!  Hes been a really good puppy putting up with Zach beating on him with his own toys (thank goodness theyre soft) but he does like to nibble on bubba so I get to listen to whining from both of them all day. haha

Ive also created a new site there you will be able to find some little movie clips we have taken of Zachary including his first steps.  I apologize for the amature filming, but I am sure you can appreciate it all the same...Dont forget to sign the guestbook!


6 Jan its been a while since Ive updated this site, and I apologize, but hey been busy!  I didnt even get to send our christmas cards this year, as Im sure most of you have noticed, but dont worry, theyre coming, its just gonna be like valentines day instead lol  Brianna Lee has arrived!!

13 Jan 07 Today is Dan and my anniversary of when we first started dating...4 years today! it so doesnt seem that long, but then Zachy is 3 so it must be true...I have been busy working on another site, one made just for the kids, you can find it in our Favorite Links page.  Im also going to put Shianna and Gage's pages together so I can add the pictures of them together on there.  That means it will only be a matter of time before I do that to Zachary and Brianna's too.  Wish me luck on this task, it might take me a while to figure it out, but then it will be less linkage for you to remember, so yay for you. lol

wholly cow. Over a year since Ive done anything on this site.  it is in desperate need of a facelift!  I am deleting the pictures of the kids, since they have their own website now.  I am deleting the info about my friends (since they dont talk to me anymore). this site shall now be just about family stuff.  Maybe post our old holiday letters that the new york family love so much.  Pictures will now be of me and dan and of the family only.  You all come here to get updated, see what we are up to, and even though there are things like myspace and facebook, this website is completely built by me, not just a fill in the blank thing.  The websites with my nieces and nephews are at a standstill, not my fault, no one sends me pictures anymore, so I may delete them as well, might as well save me some giga space right?  So check back in a few days and notice all the changes okay?!!  Love ya!!

Welcome and enjoy your stay!