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The Pextons
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Pictures of Zachary and Brianna

Zachary and Brianna Movies

Daniel's brother Robert's homepage

Our friend Ryan's homepage

27th November 2005 a tornado hit ft. riley

My Niece and Nephew Shianna Maria and Gage Michael



My Great Niece and Nephew Cynthia and Cedric Vaughan

Congratulations to Maria and Richard on their baby boy Shawn!

My Great niece Rebekka Stephanie You will need to request a log-in and password from my Niece Luvisa to view her complete web-site, but its well worth it!

Dan and Stephanie's wedding

My nephew Wyatt Joseph the password is wyatt24

When the kids are together...

my site of baby toys that brianna is passing around. just needed a place to put it so I would remember where it was

Welcome and enjoy your stay!