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The Pextons

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Read and get to know us a little better.

  Daniel and Stephanie met in Mannheim Germany while they were stationed there together in the Signal Corps in the Army.  They fell in love and had Zachary Ryan on December 28th 2003 and got married on July 3rd, 2004.  While Stephanie reached the rank of Specialist after touring in Germany, Ft. Gordon, Ft. Bragg, and Ft. Riley, she was honorably discharged from the military on August 10th, 2005.  Daniel, however, is currently a Sergeant First Class and has reclassed into the Military Intellegence Corps.  He is currently stationed at SOUTHCOM and we are soaking up the sun in Miami.

  Zachary is now 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in August.  He currently has a girlfriend named Hailey and he loves to learn.  He can read short books by himself with only a little bit of help from mom and dad. 
  Brianna is getting closer everyday to the terrible threes.  She has her daddy wrapped aroundd that cute little finger of hers and gets her way more often than not.  Many tantrums have been the result of all this spoiling.  Soon she will be at home without Zachary to keep her comapny.

  Daniel was born and raised in Central New York.  He attended Rome Free Academy High School and after graduation enlisted into the US Army.  He went through Basic Training at Ft. Jackson (relaxin Jackson), SC and AIT at Ft. Gordon, Georgia.
  Stephanie was born in Colorado Springs, as a military brat, she has traveled around the world almost her whole life, but when her father retired, she claims Esbon, Kansas to be her hometown.  She attended White Rock High School and enlisted into the Army shortly after graduation.  She went through Basic Training at Ft. Leanord Wood (Lost in the woods), MO.  AIT was also at Ft. Gordon.
  Zachary was born in Heidleberg, Germany and Brianna was born on Fort Riley in Kansas...we have decided they will NEVER be in the Military.


Taking a break from work

What a job!

Ah yes what would the Army be without teamwork?  Here are some of the most dedicated people we know.  They know how to get the job done as well as have a little fun with life.


Here's a list of some of our favorite TV Series:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Fresh Prince of Bel-air
Quantum Leap
South Park
Law and Order
Real World/Road Rules Challenge


Welcome and enjoy your stay!